Nike Court Royale 20210809

Shoes received, opened the box to see the first feeling of the shoes, very good-looking, this Nike white tide shoes are really concave shape artifact. Then carefully looked at the workmanship and quality, and the counter is the same. It’s very comfortable to put on your feet. The sole of the foot is very soft and fits the sole of the foot very well. It should be genuine. Often buy sports shoes, in fact, the quality of international brands and domestic brands is almost the same, but the version and artificial design are really much better. In addition, international brands are more fashionable, and Nike is still the choice for fashionable shoes. Also, to be honest, there are a lot of fake products now. I don’t feel the quality is poor, but I won’t buy them. It is right to support the genuine. And this store is 9 years old. It won’t sell fake goods. Now tmall is very strict in cracking down on fake goods. I heard that selling fake goods was found to be directly closed. This store has bee

After wearing it for a few days, it’s not bad. It’s just that the sole is a little hard and the size is positive. The shoes are so white that they seem to be bleached. After reading the comments, they said they would open glue. I hope my shoes can be firm, and the shape of shoes is still very good. I hope I can wear them better. I’m very happy to buy this price. I’m all five-star!

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