Asics Gel-Lyte OG 20210805

Good I always like Arthur, but I have too big feet and few suitable shoe sizes. When I see this Commemorative Year of the pig, I will start decisively! Very coquettish, very like!

Frosted leather feeling, thick, try on a bit similar to the feeling of nb574, the foot feel is harder than gel 3, gel 5, I hope to step on the feeling of excrement.

Comfort is too narrow in front of me. If I buy a bigger size, I’ll still pinch my feet. If I don’t believe it, I can see the attitude of the after-sales service clearly. I’m not afraid to announce the chat content and try it on in the room, but I won’t return it. They say that they have stipulated to try on in place and have no language

Asics Gel-Lyte OG

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