Air Jordan 4 20210725

What to wear on the National Day holiday, of course, is to wear the national trend Top: elec online Elec online Tricolor jacket is really cool! I especially like the rush suit. It’s cold and I don’t want to wear it very heavy. It’s definitely the best choice because it’s light and light, and it’s also waterproof! High collar, horizontal collar, how you want to wear it. The hat is too big to look small! Pants: CBCD CBCD Unicorn reflective pants. The logo of CBCD is the image of Unicorn that I like very much, because unicorn is regarded as a symbol of the good times. The pants are versatile, with side zippers at the hem, and you can wear them any way you want. Mesh pocket Unicorn logo reflective! Love shoes: aj4 milk tea earth color is really a very good color, so when aj1 rookie comes out, I like it very much. This pair of aj4 milk tea, is really a look at the shoes, too much to my heart. It’s very, very durable and versatile. You must prepare a pair of matching clothes in autumn.

The shoes have been received. They are really very good-looking. The size is half a size smaller. People with wide or fat feet can take a bigger size. I like this shoes very much. I will buy authentic products of every color matching. I will choose to buy in this shop, which has never overturned the car. The customer service is very patient and the after-sales service is very efficient. But the price of the shoes soared and limited, and it’s hard for people who want to buy them to buy genuine shoes. The only choice is this store. I usually look at some fake sellers. I recommend a few who are very serious about making shoes. Their upper is the company’s upper. You can take a look at the comparison of the side uppers. All other parts are made of raw materials from the official designated OEM. Their first shipment is highly likely to have been identified, which is exclusively for overseas counter and purchasing. You can have a look!

Air Jordan 4

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