Nike Zoom Shift EP 20210719

There must be nothing wrong with the things. The shoes are really cool and the price is fragrant. Is the package really forced to buy more than half a size or very crowded I haven’t tried it on very much. I don’t think the zoom on the forefoot will be soft after wearing it for a long time. The shoebox is also rotten. The shopkeeper also offered compensation. The shopkeeper is really frightening. Maybe it’s the shameless buyer like me who meets me

After receiving the shoes today, there was a concrete battle. Let’s make a simple evaluation. Advantage 1 the package is very good. 2. Good cushioning. 3 shoes are very light than harden 2, many shortcomings, the mouth is very small, fat feet are recommended half size or one size. Because the wrapping is too good, the shoelace is basically a decoration. 2. The sole design is easy to twist the foot, because it is not completely flat, the inside of the sole is concave, and the left and right support is not in place. Today, I totally sprained my left and right feet. PS may not be suitable for bodyweight insiders or jumpers. But the price is very high, as a 300 yuan shoes pass.

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