VANS Authentic 20210627

T-shirt, brny, trousers, socks, socks, bags, carharrt, shoes, vans, have been exposed to the sun, sweat and rain again. The tail of August is still in the hot temperature, so it needs a light color to refresh. Purple tee is the visual center color. Black trousers keep the vision from jumping off too much. The checkerboard and fluorescent green stockings of the same bright color are simple and rich.

I love Vance, and because of Vance, I fell in love with skateboarding. It’s a little heavy to carry, but it’s very light and delicate to wear. Anaheim’s insole is full of springiness, which can be used for several blocks. In terms of size, converse and Vance usually buy 235, while Nike ADI usually wears 240.

VANS Authentic

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