New Balance 997 20210621

Just opened when there are orders, warranty that Putian 3 sets. Later, poison and get were tested. Unlike 998, it’s no problem. The size is right. It’s handsome and versatile. Before the double-12, there was no price increase because of activities. Customer service always answers questions and praises.

I received the goods yesterday, and the transportation was violent, and the box was broken seriously. But the shoes were still very good, the workmanship was very good, and the shoes were very comfortable. This kind of shoes is mainly made of ultra light, the shoes are very light, and the soles are particularly soft. If the size is larger than the size of Nike, Nb shoes are half the size of Nike. I tried them in the physical store first. The feeling of the foot, the workmanship, the genuine products are undoubtedly the same as those in the physical stores, so there is no need to test them at all. I’ve been waiting so long.

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