Air Jordan Courtside 23 20210430

Air jordan courtside 23 Jordan 23 / Jordan 23 basketball shoes original file original last development version of Michael Jordan retro middle top cultural leisure sports basketball shoes. Article No. AR1000 – 100

The shoes are very comfortable to wear. Xia Xia, the customer service, has a very good service attitude. If you have any questions, you should answer them patiently. Shoes are genuine, and there are built-in chips, automatic step count, you are worth having!

First of all, the price of this pair of shoes is really cheap, although as a domestic brand, the price of about 200 star signature shoes is also very rare. Although Parker is not a top star in the NBA, he is at least a star player, so the price less than 200 can be said to be very cost-effective! Then there is the wearing experience. Although Parker’s shoes have reached six generations, I still feel that this pair of Parker 4 is the most handsome. Moreover, the wrapping feeling of this pair of shoes is still very good. The only thing that I don’t feel enough is that this pair of shoes feels stiff, and the cushioning is enough for a player of light weight like me. Generally speaking, it’s a very good pair of old shoes. Except the shoebox of this pair of shoes is very rotten, others are quite satisfied. It is recommended to buy white shoes with higher appearance!

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