Puma Trinomic Blaze 20210428

White really can’t bear dirty, but gray doesn’t have a big size. I have to wait for white to become nostalgic. It doesn’t feel as soft as Nike air, but it’s pretty good. I think it will be more comfortable if I wear it for a long time. This price can only be praised and cost-effective

Babies!! Save half to buy a drop! General manager ~ number search [small tiger return] and then ~ single, really good!!! The one on the top is oh!! When the shoes arrive, they are very good-looking, very good-looking, very versatile, and the size is accurate. The shoes fit the feet very well. They are not hot to wear in this season. They will not squeeze the feet. They are comfortable to wear. The soles of shoes are very soft. They are very decorative. The workmanship is also very good. There is no extra thread. I think this is the idea of everyone. I recommend it to you! The express delivery is very fast, the logistics will arrive the next day. I like it. It’s very cheap to catch up with the business activities. I hope there will be more preferential activities. The packaging is also very high-grade. I’m very satisfied with a shopping

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