Air Jordan 1 20210423

I had a bad impression on aj1 before, but!!! This pair of shoes is really better than I thought, and it’s more comfortable than the other aj1 I’ve worn before. I don’t know why

I didn’t even bother to identify the shoes when I received them. It looked like it was true. I think the lining of the shoes is thick. I suggest that I buy half a size or even one size, so I can fit my 43 foot 44.

Fortunately, the first pair of shoes at stadium goods was taxed. As soon as this pair of shoes comes out, I have to like it. The financial management software will run with you as usual and rush to various channels to buy them. Generally speaking, the price of stadiumgoods is higher than various apps, but my size is cheaper! Do not hesitate to order quickly, although the reason for the Spring Festival holiday late, but still do not affect the joy after seeing.

Air Jordan 1

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