Puma Basket Heart 20210218

Let’s talk about the size of heel shoes first. He said that they are more than half of ordinary shoes. I think it’s OK, because I usually wear 35, but now I buy 35.5, which is about the size of a knuckle. This pair of shoes looks very soft and cute, but it’s a bit big to wear. And its shell may need to pay attention to this kind of hairy, if it is not well done, it is easy to get something, it can not be washed off. If the shoes are not comfortable when they are used to the front of the shoes, they may feel a little bit comfortable when they are used to wearing the shoes.

The size is a little too big, and the bottom is a little hard, but these do not affect its beauty, such as a pair of beautiful shoes with high appearance. It’s really good. My daughter likes it very much. I can’t wait to wear it to school the next day. Students also said it was good-looking. Anyway, my daughter is very satisfied.

Puma Basket Heart

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