Air Jordan 32 20210210

1. From express delivery. I just want to say that the shop owners of SF express are all conscientious merchants. SF really has opened a gap with other express delivery companies. Thank you for your patience. 2. I finally bought my favorite aj32, which is almost the same as my experience of trying it on in the physical store. It was the first time to open the box for actual combat inspection. It was really the first feeling of the upper foot that it was a soft bullet. The ground was very stable. The package and support were also in place. It was worthy of being a top-level practical weapon. 3. Compared with n stores, I finally got a good price at Fiberhome. I felt it was very valuable. Thank you

Express delivery is very fast Yes, please try the size. The shoes are wrapped well, so it’s hard to put them in. The thicker elite socks are very tight. They may be new shoes. It’s just as soon as they are opened. It’s just right to wear thinner elite socks! There’s room in the forefoot. I usually wear size 275 43 shoes. Except for Owen 4, I get 44. Maybe Owen’s toe is up It’s got to be a big 43, but I don’t think I need it. By the way, my feet are thin. Fat feet and wide feet must be one size larger. Or you’ll be strangled every minute! Anyway, I’m wearing 43 right! The store service is very good! Be patient and careful. Shoes don’t need to be tested. After wearing them for so many years, Nike can tell the truth at a glance! Good business! The lowest price of the whole network to buy 32 actual combat rubber shoes, shop owners have a good conscience! Indoor and outdoor can be good combat shoes! Recommend

Air Jordan 32

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