Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 20210209

According to the normal size is too tight. In fact, generally speaking, it is too small, but the toe is narrower than the previous two generations, and the inner length caused by the sharp point is almost the same. People with thin feet should have no problem

I have never seen such a dishonest business. I have bought more than two pairs of shoes in Liaoyuan equipment. I always feel that the old Liaoyuan equipment store is trustworthy. Because there was no my 47 size on the shelf, after asking the customer service and I said that we needed to wait two or three weeks, and after asking about the price of 1599, they told me to go on the shelf the next day and let me shoot it. As a result, I didn’t reply to my letter the next day. I was urged to put it on the shelf for half a day. I saw that the price went up to 2000! I asked why, customer service actually told me that it was the market reason, I did not understand 47 yards sold out in one night, right If you want black money, you can say it directly. There is no credit business! If you spend 400 yuan more, you should give yourself a lesson and remind everyone. Shop big bully! You can’t buy the equipment of Liaoyuan in the future

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2

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