Nike Air Foamposite One 20210107

The shoes are slightly rough, but they are genuine. They are comfortable to wear for a few days! You don’t know if the color is bad! Adhere to the authentic products, will come next time! The service attitude of the store is also very good, but the logistics is a little slow! Originally 4 days can arrive, took off a day, but also does not matter.. hope the shopkeeper returns the difference to my account quickly, thank you

I feel it’s a special one. The upper foot is comfortable and well wrapped with reflective scales. With a new spray, it is more suitable for wear-resistant and dirty resistant crystal bottom. Zoom is first class. But I still feel good when I run. After all, I’m only 100 Jin and 41 yards thin. 98 points overall. What’s your comment

Nike Air Foamposite One

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