adidas Superstar 80s 20210104

Recently, I was really happy on ADI chop hands 6.1 / 6.9 children’s day and Dragon Boat Festival. At ordinary times, most physical stores have a discount of 95% or 88% on cards. This activity has almost half of the discount for the main sports. Wang Jiaer is the same type of HP star that I like with men’s tickets. The above picture is super good-looking, and also gives a little lion’s embroidered shoes bag for men. The men’s ticket is generally 42.5% for aj43 size shell head Big foot and small foot ha ha ha, I hope more activities can save money than in the physical store. The quality details I bought recently are all flawless

[CP] today, I wear the whitest shoes, step on the deepest rain pit [longing] ADI shell head small white shoes, you deserve to have, it’s necessary to have [good] in rainy days, I’ve dribbled several puddles and didn’t enter [good] [/ CP] size I bought a size smaller than usual, which is very suitable, just good, and secondly, the comfort is OK, mainly does not wear feet! Save money and bite your teeth! [CP] it’s really hard to brush shoes, and Addie’s shell head oxidizes too quickly. Is it yellow after wearing antioxidant once

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