Air Jordan Jasmine 20201227

The service was excellent and the delivery arrived quickly the next day. Unfortunately, there was no parcel post, but the price went up the next day The last pair of crocodile pattern size 43 was seized. I’m very happy. The size is very good. However, the comfort of the soles is not ideal. It may be that I’m used to wearing ADI sponge soles and boost. After all, it’s board shoes, which can’t be compared with running shoes. The label of AJ was sent by the boss, which was not bad. The packing is very good. It’s in the United States. It says 95 knives. It’s reinforced with paper shell. The workmanship is very fine. It doesn’t look like A-goods. It’s very fashionable to have leisure and versatile. I didn’t expect to buy such cool goods at such a low price. We don’t need Hupu. We believe the store’s reputation. A look at Yantai’s hometown store, very cordial. I bought it in this store for the first time. I’m very satisfied with it. I’ll come to visit it often later.

The shoes are good, genuine leather, very comfortable. My mother likes them very much. Although they are not classic AJ models, they still have the same style of aj1. What surprised me was that the shoes received did not have any difference and overflow. They were much better than many online shoe stores now. This model is not in stock in China, so you can start if you want.

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