Asics Gel-Contend 4 20201114

If you really want to buy at least half of the size, my 42 foot is not wide, but it is still a little crowded. In addition, there is no rebound, good foot feeling and so on as mentioned in the evaluation, and there is no so-called feeling of stepping on the excrement. I suggest you remember one principle, that is, only look at the price, although sometimes the high price is not necessarily good, but the cheap one will not have good product! Nowadays, it is impossible to wear shoes with good foot feeling without a thousand pieces!

It’s a beautiful pair of shoes. The first time I bought Arthur’s shoes, I felt that I’d hate to meet you too late. The shoes are not only beautiful in appearance, but also comfortable to wear. It’s very cost-effective. I strongly recommend express delivery, which is also very fast

Asics Gel-Contend 4

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