Air Jordan 1 20200922

How to say Dalian surprise sale first come, first served real object is really better than the photo, inside the personal feeling full of details of a pair of shoes to earn a little money can

I think the shoes look good when I get them. They feel good. It’s just right to buy them according to the usual size. But the details are not in place. First of all, there are obvious creases on the tongue of the right foot, which feels like an indentation after being stressed. Secondly, the logo on the insole falls off after the first day of wearing, which is a little inconceivable. Finally, the edges of the shoes are all in Figure 4. I’m worried that the glue will be opened after several times of wearing. Small six hundred buy a logo and style, the quality of what can not talk about, true and false have not been verified, you judge by yourself. Shoes just got the hands of the full 200 minus 15 also package mail activities, suddenly bought expensive 50 uncomfortable

Air Jordan 1

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