Air Jordan 14 SE Black Ferrari 20200920

Air Jordan 14 SE Black Ferrari

The local 480 air jordan 14 se “black Ferrari” black Ferrari Black Ferrari is the continuation of the “Ferrari” design concept. The new color scheme adopts black and gray as the main tone. The streamlined shoe body is attractive. The exposed carbon plate around the shoe body is decorated with black gray and red, which makes it more glossy and eye-catching. With white Jordan print and logo details on the heel, it’s aggressive and stylish. Size 40-47.5 Article No. bq3685-001

Black gray color matching has always been one of the most simple, versatile and safe color matching, and it is also very comfortable visually. Black skin boy, light color is more likely to appear dry yellow skin, dark color will make people appear too dull. Black and gray makes skin color more reasonable. Color matching shorts let people do not need to consider leg shape and leg length, short legs of boys can also wear their desired effect. Small details can be used with hats, gloves and other accessories. 33th x 20XX: perclips

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