Nike Court Borough 20200831

I got the shoes. They fit well. They’re good. They’re genuine. They’re comfortable. They’re standard sizes. They’re very breathable. It fits. I prefer shopping in Jingdong Mall, very good.

The size is recommended. The normal size of shoes is enough. Mine is just right. It’s quite comfortable to wear, and the high top is also quite warm. It’s just that it’s not easy to put in and take out the new one. It’s always hard to get in and out. It’s a little tight on the top of the shoes, but it’s OK to wear them for a few days. Is the sole material board shoe The sole is a little hard, but it’s OK to wear, and the shoes are also light, so there’s not much discomfort in general. The upper material is too white, not resistant to dirty, easy to dirty fast.

Nike Court Borough

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